Monday, October 7, 2013

You're wearing that again?

The girls and I went shopping Friday night to spend their birthday gift cards. We were wandering around a local outdoor shopping area going from store to store. They were very excited to see that Mommy was wearing a shirt similar to one on sale in one of their favorite stores. The brunette twin commented that not everything I wear is "old lady clothes." Of course, I saw the shirt first and pointed out the display to make sure the girls saw it. I don't have many moments when I'm in style as far as they are concerned. I wasn't going to let this one pass. We ended the night at a frozen yogurt shop watching people and admiring their purchases.

The next day I was meeting a friend at a farmer's market. I put on the shirt and pants I wore shopping. The blond twin said, "Are you wearing that again?" She was appalled that I would wear the same thing twice.

Of course she was. This is a child who throws clothes into the laundry basket simply because she decides she doesn't want to wear the outfit. She'll change clothes twice in the morning and throw everything she tried on into the basket.

When the girls wear something for just a little while, say a dress to church, we always tell them to hang up the outfit when they change clothes. We remind them that it didn't get dirty while they were sitting in church so it doesn't need to be washed. We're trying to get them to understand that just because a piece of clothing touches your body doesn't mean that it needs to be washed.

This is not the lesson they took from my two days in a row outfit. I explained to them that the outfit wasn't dirty since I only wore it a couple of hours that night before. We weren't jogging or moving furniture. We were shopping on a cool night.
They didn't buy it.

The brunette twin looked at her sister and said, "Of course Mommy is wearing it again. It's the only fashionable thing she owns."

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