Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Walking slowly through life

I used to walk very quickly. I would race from here to there, in part because I'm tall. My legs are long and it was easy to go quickly.

Then we had twins.

At first I was still walking quickly with the stroller. We'd wander the neighborhood when the weather cooperated. When the girls started walking we strolled with them hand-in-hand at their pace. When they grew we started walking more quickly to keep up with them.

Now we're a two speed household.

When we walk together now with our daughters who are either just a bit taller than 5' or just a bit shorter than 5' there's about a four foot gap in strides between the two girls. The brunette twin speeds along as a normal pace walking and talking and enjoying the journey. She keeps pace with any adult. The blond twin walks so slowly that one of us has to lag behind her. It's not that she can't walk any quicker. We can push her to walk more quickly when we need to move along. It's just that her natural pace is slow and rambling. I should say very slow and rambling.

When we walk to and from school, I find myself either telling the blond twin to move more quickly or walking really slowly with her. The more we ramble with her, the harder I find it to pick up the pace when I'm walking with the brunette twin or any adult.

I notice this a lot when I'm walking with Daddy. He moves quickly and I keep asking him to slow down. Once upon a time I walked as quickly as he does. Now I have to make a mental and physical adjustment when I walk with him or the brunette twin.

On the one hand it annoys me that the blond twin walks so slowly, especially when we're running a bit late for school in the morning. On the other hand, I admire her slow approach to getting some where. She's just walking along, talking and taking in all the action around her. It's probably something we should all do a bit more when we're not on a schedule.

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