Monday, October 28, 2013

Introducing our newest family member

We have a new family member. I'm not sure when we added to our family. I know we never discussed another family member. It took me a while to realize we added to our family. It was only through a series of questions and answers that I realized our new family member's name. 

"Who left the lights on the staircase?"
"Not me."

"Who is supposed to wash the dishes?"
"Not me."

"Whose turn is it to take out the dog?"
"Not me."

It turns out "not me" is our newest family member. I don't like "not me" at all. "Not me" is a never responsible for anything in our house. In fact, "not me" is often two people. More than once both girls have answered "not me" to a question.

I realize I'm supposed to love all family members, but I really don't like "not me" at all. As far as I'm concerned "not me" can go back to wherever he or she came from -- the sooner the better.

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