Thursday, October 3, 2013

Holly meets the neighborhood wildlife

We were eating dinner when Holly jumped up and started barking. We're starting to hear a difference between the "I have to go out" bark and the "I'm protecting my house" bark. This was a very serious "I am protecting my house" bark.

The girls ran to the window and saw a person walking in front of the house. They tried to calm Holly, but she wasn't interested. She kept barking. Eventually she came back to the living room and plopped down.

A while later Holly let out her "I have to go out" bark. I put her on a leash to head outside. We walked across the street to the empty lot, walked around a bit and started to come back to our house.

We were in the middle of the street when Holly started barking and the hair stood up on her back. She pulled on the leash as strongly as I'd ever felt her pull. I looked around to see what she saw, but I didn't see anything.

We were in the driveway when I saw something moving on the grass between our house and our neighbors. I stopped when I realized there were three deer wandering from our backyard to our front yard.

Now that the deer were close Holly was going mad. I could barely keep control of the leash as I dragged her into the house. When we did make it inside, I quickly closed the door and locked it.

It wasn't the first time Holly met the neighborhood deer, but it was the closest we had come to them. I have to admit it answered a lot of questions about what was eating parts of our garden this summer. Next time I'd like to answer those questions by looking out the window, though.

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