Monday, September 16, 2013

You might call it a crate

The girls are really trying to convince us to let Holly out of her crate so she can sleep in their room. Last night Holly stayed in their room after we put them to bed. She slept on the floor between their beds. The girls decided Holly might get cold at night so they put a blanket on her.

A while later Daddy found Holly sleeping happily under her blanket. He took her out of their room so she could go out before sleeping in her crate.

The girls were not happy to wake up and find Holly in the crate. They have been lobbying hard to make their bedroom Holly's bedroom.

At one point the blond twin said, "You wouldn't put us in a crate at night would you?"

I replied, "Well, we did put you in a crib for your own safety when you were Holly's age. It was kind of like a crate. The crib had a floor and bars on the sides so you didn't roll out. It didn't have a top, but you weren't strong enough to get out."

The girls were horrified to think that their cribs were like crates. They hadn't thought about it like that before this morning. I tried to explain that Holly goes in the crate for her safety until we're sure she won't chew a shoe and choke on it or try to get into something under the sink.

They still don't like that Holly is going to sleep in the crate for a while longer. For a moment they were distracted by the idea that they slept in a crate. It was only a momentary distraction, but I found it really entertaining. It took a minute, but they were able to adapt their arguments about putting Holly in their bedroom. They won't win, but I'll give them credit for persistence.

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