Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The glamour girls

For their birthday, Grammie gave the girls an afternoon at her beauty parlor. Since then the girls have talked endlessly about what they were going to have done to their hair and nails. We've had lengthy discussions about different hair styles. They have discussed nail colors for fingers and toes.

Today the three of them set off for the adventure. When they came home all they could talk about was Grammie dancing with one of the employees. The girls were amazed that Grammie was such a good dancer.

This didn't surprise me at all. When we used to go to family weddings, we'd all get off the dance floor to watch my parents dance the jitterbug. They had several dances they enjoyed, but it was lovely to watch them dance together. It never looked like it should work. Dad was just a bit taller than 6' and Mom never hit 5'.  It didn't seem to matter when they danced.

When they were done telling me about Grammie dancing the girls babbled about getting their hair cut. "They put me head in a bowl and washed my hair." "They put all kinds of good smelly lotions in my hair." They talked and talked about choosing their nail polish and the mechanics of a French manicure. They were bubbly and giggly and happy.

The brunette twin tried to hard sell the idea of eating dinner at a restaurant tonight. She said, "Everyone at the salon said we were so pretty you should take us out and show us off. We look too good to stay home."

We will take them out to show off their new hair cuts, but not today. What she doesn't realize yet is the salon day made her feel good, but she's beautiful every day. We have lots of time to show off our beautiful girls.

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