Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The crate rebellion

The first night Holly was home she went into her crate nicely. She walked right in and we all went to sleep. The second night she hesitated, but eventually went in. Now she's in a full rebellion. It's clear Holly does not want to sleep in her crate.

Even better, she's taking matters into her own teeth so to speak. Yesterday she started pulling her blanket out of her crate with her teeth. The blond twin put it back, but shortly after Holly started to pull the blanket out again.

This time we were eating lunch and reprimanded her. She stopped pulling the blanket out and left it about half-way out of the crate. The blond twin put it back again.

Last night when we tried to put her in her crate she made herself "dead weight" and we couldn't get her to budge. I gave her a tiny treat to get her into the crate.

We're not quite sure we want her to have full access to the house while we sleep. She doesn't seem interested in chewing anything. I confirmed this today when Holly stretched out in the family room. There was a flip flop next to her face. She put a paw up and I thought she was going to move it to her mouth. Instead she swatted it across the rug out of her way. We're pretty sure she'd be fine, but we don't really know her well yet.

We might end up putting her in the kitchen with two baby gates to restrict her movement. It will give her more freedom than a crate, but still keep her in a safe place. We're going to try the crate again tonight. If we have the same reaction then we'll start looking at other options. It will just be easier on all of us.

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Missy said...

When we were first crate training our dog, we gave a treat every time she went in. Once she was reliably going in, we starting rewarding with treats on random occasions, but at least once or twice a day. She wound up really loving her crate, and it got to the point where she would automatically go in there every time she saw me pick up my purse, or if she heard/saw all of us going downstairs at the same time. She would sometimes go in on her own when she needed a break or wanted a nap. I fully believe in crate training for dogs.