Monday, September 2, 2013

Settling in with new sounds

Holly is settling in to our house just fine. It's so nice that she was already trained -- both with some commands and house trained. There's an entire adjustment period we're skipping.

This morning the girls got up and took her outside first thing. One of the nice things about Holly is she's big, but really, really gentle. Both girls have walked her without any problems. She still pulls pretty hard on her leash when we first walk out the door, but she calms down quickly.

The one thing we're getting used to is her barking. Yes, I realize dogs bark, but Oreo never barked. He made some other sounds, although I wouldn't say those sounded like barks. Siberian Huskies as a breed don't bark.

A Great Pyrenees is a guard dog. They bark. When Holly first barked we all jumped. She has a deep, angry sounding bark. She doesn't bark a lot in the house so whenever she does she has our attention.

Last night the girls were putting on her leash to take her outside. Holly started barking. I was in the kitchen doing dishes so I yelled to Daddy to make sure everything was ok. Of course, he was already on the way.

We thought there was some problem with Holly and the girls. We were wrong. There was a woman walking in front of our house. Holly was letting the stranger know to stay away from our house.

There's a story I tell about Oreo and the postman. One day I walked by the door and the postman was standing there with a big box. I asked him why he didn't ring the doorbell. He said he thought the dog would bark. Oreo just looked at him and stretched out on the ground. It's clear that with Holly, I'll always know if someone is at the door.

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