Monday, September 9, 2013

Holly the songstress

The girls practice their piano songs every day. A couple of days after Holly joined the family she started howling when the blond twin played the Star Spangled Banner. It was so funny we laughed until we cried.

Holly starts a few bars into the song with a few small sounds then she really goes crazy. Sometimes she's so loud you can hardly hear the blond twin play.

The funny thing is it's the only song the blond twin plays that gets Holly singing. The blond twin was playing a lot of old songs last night and Holly ignored them all.

This morning the brunette twin was playing when Holly decided to start singing to her song. As soon as the brunette twin played a different song, Holly just sat there as if she was waiting for the first song to start again. The brunette twin played the first song again just to hear Holly sing.

It's a funny thing to watch. The girls are trying to figure out why Holly sings to some songs and not others. I told them not to over think the situation. Everyone likes different music. Holly is just letting them know her favorite songs.

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