Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween nightmares turn into Halloween hope

Every year I dread Halloween more and more. The costumes are inappropriate and it's a nightmare to find something suitable. This year we caught a break. The girls' favorite movie is a new version of the teen beach movies. In fact, the movie is called Teen Beach Movie.

The girls love, love, love Teen Beach Movie. The two main female characters are McKenzie and Lela. We were tossing about costume ideas when we realized that the blond twin owns a red dress with white polka dots, similar to what Lela wear in the movie. All she needed was a black wig and headband to complete the costume.

The brunette twin decided to be a character as well. She really wanted to be a biker girl. We went through several resale shops looking for the right clothes. We left empty handed each time. We searched online sites without any luck.

I started looking at pictures of different Teen Beach Movie scenes to figure out a new costume idea. I found one of Mac in a bright yellow sundress with red and orange flowers. It took a while, but I was able to find something very similar online at a resale site.

The girls need costumes for a Girl Scout outing this weekend. I sent a message to the seller asking if she could put the package in the mail as soon as possible. I explained the urgency and crossed my fingers.

A while later the seller sent a note saying she put it in the mail. She said, "Your note made my day." We're not sure the dress will arrive in time yet, but we're crossing our fingers. It worked the first time. We're hopeful it works again so Lela and Mac can hang out together in real life, just like they did in Teen Beach Movie.

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