Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Even dogs have rough days

Holly is having a rough day. It started early this morning. The blond twin was putting dishes in the dishwasher this morning when something happened. The blond twin said Holly's tags were caught in the lower basket. From what I saw the blond twin wasn't paying attention because she was talking to Holly. Whatever happened, the lower tray ended up going across the kitchen floor with the dishes and silverware going everywhere.

Holly was really frightened. It was very loud. The girls were screaming. Holly was pinned against the wall with the basket on their leg. I just put my hands on my head and sighed.

A few minutes later the girls were crying and hugging Holly in the family room while I tried to clean up the mess. I tossed all three of them out of the kitchen to access the damage. Somehow we only lost one dinner plate. Given the noise I was sure all the plates and bowls were destroyed.

When the girls let Holly out of their embraces, the dog ran upstairs into the girls' room. It's her safe place and she wanted to be away from the kitchen. I had to put her on a leash and bring her down the stairs so we could feed her breakfast. Poor Holly shook the entire time. I had to drag her into the kitchen to eat.

As soon as we came home from taking the girls to school Holly ran upstairs to the girls' room. She stayed there most of the morning. When she came down she stayed away from the kitchen. It took a few hours before she went in for a drink of water.

Now Holly is pacing the house. We usually walk to school about 2:30 p.m. to pick-up the girls from school. Holly knows her girls should be home and she's not happy. Between pacing and whimpering, Holly can't figure out why her girls aren't home. She doesn't understand that they are in the school choir this semester. Honestly she doesn't care. She just wants her girls.

We'll leave soon to get the girls. It will help Holly to have her girls at home. She'll calm down and play with them. It will truly be the highlight of her day.

Now, if we can only get through dinner without destroying the kitchen again we'll declare the day a success. I really think another episode like that might give Holly a nervous breakdown.

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