Monday, September 23, 2013

Channeling Grammie as a young woman

The girls are in the midst of the annual Halloween costume search.This is an increasingly unpleasant task as the girls have outgrown children's costumes. When you get into the teen/adult costumes you're pretty much trying to figure out if there is anything you can do to make the costume something you'd let your tween daughter wear.

We were home for a little while after our completely unsuccessful outing when I remembered that I had some of my Mom's old dresses in the basement. When I say old, I mean some of these are older than me. One of the dresses was a bridesmaid dress Mom wore for my paternal grandparent's 25th wedding anniversary ceremony.

The girls were very excited to see the dresses. They adore Teen Beach Movie, which is set in both the present and the 1950s. These dresses looked like the dresses the Teen Beach Movie stars wore.

After debating colors and styles, the girls decided to try on their favorite dresses. The brunette twin stepped into a dress and was crushed when we realized it didn't fit her. We couldn't zip the dress. At first we thought it was just a fluke so she tried on a different dress. She couldn't zip that one either.

The blond twin stepped into a beautiful blue dress and it zipped easily. As she twirled I thought about what it meant. My mother, who never quite reached 5 feet tall, had the same waist as my 10 year old daughter when she wore the blue dress. The blond twin currently wears children's clothing in size 14. My adult mother had such a tiny, tiny waist. Even though she has always been tiny, it's hard to envision how tiny she was as a young woman until you see her granddaughter in a dress she wore.

My Dad used to say that Mom had the perfect Fifties body. In his word she had tight sweaters, a tiny waist and curvy hips. He always moved his hands when he said it to make sure we saw the hourglass figure. It was always a funny moment because Mom would blush and he would laugh. We all went "eeewwww Dad" because you just don't think about your Mom that way.

Looking at the blond twin in Mom's dress made me realize how really, really curvy she was. The blond twin kept playing with the dress top, saying "What am I going to do with all the extra space in this top?" The taffeta skirt flared from her waist to accommodate an hourglass figure. Mom must have been quite a cute little number in the dress.

The blond twin was thrilled that she could wear Gramma's dress. I'm pretty sure it will be her costume to the delight of her Gramma. Somewhere my Dad is smiling at the memory of my Mom in the dress, just like we were smiling as we watched the blond twin twirl.

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