Sunday, September 15, 2013

A week of 10th birthday fun

If you're going to turn ten years old, you might as well get the most out of the celebrations. It's exactly what the girls have been doing all week.

It all started with a family birthday party on Saturday, September 7. Both sides of the family were well-represented for a bar-b-que. Our neighbor has a huge yard and he lets us set-up a volleyball net. We also had croquet set-up so there was plenty to do. Of course the bean bag game was in constant use with my brothers and the nephews trash talking the whole time.

Tuesday the girls went with Grammie to the beauty parlor for a salon date. They can't stop talking about it and neither can Grammie. I might be insulted that the brunette twin thinks I should go to "her" stylist for a  "good" haircut. I'm pretty sure she doesn't think I have a good haircut now. The other day she commented on my pony tail. I said, "It's 100 degrees outside in September. I'm walking your dog all day. Yes, my hair is staying in the pony tail."

Yesterday the girls walked outside our front door to see two new mountain bikes. They stared for a minute because they didn't realize the bikes were theirs. I kept telling them that Holly was their birthday gift. Later the blond twin said, "Holly would have been enough for my birthday, but I really like my bike." The brunette twin was thrilled as soon as she started pedaling. She had been complaining for a while that her bike was too small for her. She couldn't wait to ride her new bike.

Today it's a friends party at our house. We'll have ten or twelve little girls in all their tween glory. The party invite was for a spa and sundae party. A friend's daughter and her friends are coming over to paint nails and supervise games. The girls will have their nails painted, watch Teen Beach Movie or a One Direction video and eat ice cream.

I told the girls this morning that today was the end of their birthday week celebration. This is their actual 10th birthday, so it's a fitting end to a fun week.

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