Saturday, September 28, 2013

A lovely day for apple picking

The girls were invited to go camping this weekend. While we were getting them ready the brunette twin asked what Mommy and Daddy were going to do while they were gone. I said, "We're going apple picking."

She said, "I thought we were all going apple picking. You're going without us?"

I reminded her that this weekend was the only one we had open for apple picking during apple season. I asked her what she thought we'd do while the two of them were off having fun.

She said, "I don't know. Laundry, cleaning that kind of stuff."

I laughed and told her to get back to packing. The brunette twin ran to tell her sister we were going apple picking without them. Neither one was amused, but I told them they could stay home to come with us. They packed up and bounced off with their friend and her family.

We had a gorgeous day for apple picking. It was 80 and sunny, not our normal late September at all. We picked three kinds of apples, stopped at a local donut shop on the recommendation of a friend and wandered some back roads in Indiana.

We have more apples than we planned, but fewer than the last time we went apple picking. The girls had a beautiful day to explore the campground. Even though we weren't all together, we'll have lots of fun stories to tell and lots of apple to share. 

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I took my son apple picking on Saturday! It WAS a beautiful day. He had a blast running up and down the rows and picking apples. We also got a pumpkin and some squash.