Sunday, August 11, 2013

You were the prettiest babies

With a wink and a grin, I always tell the girls I was the cutest baby ever. I tell them if the don't believe me they can ask Grammie. When they ask Grammie she confirms that I was the cutest baby ever. She tells them stories about how my maternal grandfather used to bring his friends over to see his adorable granddaughter. There are some advantages to being the first grandchild after all.

Mostly I do this because it just drives the blond twin crazy. It bothers her tremendously that Grammie thinks I was the cutest baby ever. She keeps trying to logic her was to a place where she and her twin were the cutest babies ever. She works hard, but Grammie doesn't budge.

In part Grammie doesn't budge because she has four granddaughters. My mother is nothing if not even-handed. Every Christmas when the older grandchildren were little she gave them the same number of presents. Some packages only had a trinket, but she knew that little kids counted to make sure the piles were even. She was always even. Now it's a free-for-all since the grandchildren are older. Our girls always get the same number of packages, though.

How could Grammie declare them the cutest babies ever? What about her other two granddaughters?

We had lunch with Grammie recently and the blond twin brought up the cutest baby ever question. Grammie told her all the reasons I was the cutest baby ever. The blond twin stewed, but couldn't win the debate.

A few hours later the phone rang. Grammie told the blond twin that Mommy was the cutest baby ever, but her twin granddaughters were the prettiest babies ever. When I got on the phone I said, "Really? She wore you down and you caved?" Grammie laughed and said she came home and worked on adjectives to make sure all four granddaughters were covered. She thought about giving our girls two different adjectives, but decided it was better if they had the same one. So, the twins were the prettiest babies ever.

Even as she's caving into the blond twin's relentless questioning, Grammie is even-handed. She had an answer for each granddaughter as the blond twin quizzed her. Of course, I'm still the cutest baby ever. I doubt that will bother the blond twin much anymore now that she and her sister were the prettiest babies ever.

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