Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You are what you wear

The girls recently started playing local nine hole golf courses. Daddy is teaching them golf etiquette in addition to helping them learn how to put all their lessons together to play a hole. I go along and walk the course with them to watch.

We were getting ready to leave when I told the girls they had to change. I explained that female golfers dress in short or shorts, preferably something not denim. The blond twin started talking about what she was going to wear. The brunette twin said, "Oh, so no one will think you're golfing with what you have on, right Mom?"

I rolled my eyes and said, "No honey. No one will look at Mommy and think I'm golfing."

The brunette twin turned to her sister and said, "Ok, we just need to look better than Mom. This should be easy."

Note to self: Dress better next time you walk the course with the golfers.

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