Sunday, August 18, 2013

She said what?

We were in Justice looking for a cute shirt for the first day of school. Our 5' 1" brunette twin was worried because she's almost outgrown Justice clothing. She was having a hard time finding shirts in her size so I asked the store clerk for help.

The store clerk said, "We don't carry much stock that big."

I turned with an annoyed look on my face and said, "Thank you" but what I really wanted to say was "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING IDIOT?" As the brunette twin's eyes filled with tears I held her and talked to her about why the store clerk was wrong.

May I just add the store clerk was maybe two inches taller than the brunette twin? I'm sure she didn't understand how hurtful her words were since the clerk was never a really tall fourth grader, but she still should have better customer service training.

At a minimum you'd think Justice would train their clerks to be aware of the way young girls struggle with body images. We went to Justice for some layering shirts. Our girls love to mix and match them. We ended up with a crying daughter determined to find one more shirt to fit her just to prove she was still a little girl.

We came out with a few shirts and a new bathing suit for the brunette twin. The blond twin found three shirts she had to have. I came out really angry that a young girl who probably struggled with her own body issues was so insensitive to our daughter. You'd think a store targeting young girls would be better about lifting up rather than knocking down.


Anonymous said...

Aunt Sherri, Its Madisyn...I have been reading your blog and I think this post has made me more upset than I ever thought I could be. That lady just proves to me how inconsiderate people are these days and I feel so bad that the "brunette twin" had to go thru that. Just tell her how awesome it is to be tall..and that all models are usually tall; and most importantly to not care what that lady said, just know that her family loves her and Madi is there to take people out if they are mean to her:)

Shari said...

We love you too Madi!