Friday, August 30, 2013

A not so protected password

We used to password protect our computer. We didn't let the girls log on without permission and then we put the password into the system. Recently we had some work done on our home computer. We didn't add a password because, well, we just didn't get around to it.

Even without a password the girls continue to ask before they turn on the computer. Recently the blond twin said, "If I tell you something about the computer will you get mad?"

I said, "Probably not, but I'm not sure until you tell me."

She looked at her twin and laughed before she said, "We know the computer password." And then she told me the password.

I smiled and said, "How long have you known it and how did you figure out the password?"

It turns out the girls watched us as we typed the password and started putting the letters and numbers together. They knew the password for about a year before we took the computer in for service. They kept asking because they didn't want us to get mad that they were on the computer without permission. They were afraid that we'd take the computer away from them.

Of course, they must have tested their password theory at some point. Otherwise they wouldn't have known if they were correct. My guess is they did it when I walked Oreo. Otherwise they would not have been able to access the computer without us knowing about it.

It makes me smile that they knew it and never told us. It also makes me happy that they understood the consequences of sneaking on the computer. It's always good to know that some lessons do sink in, even though we don't think they are paying attention to us.

I didn't ask how many different password combinations they tried before they found the right one. One of these days I will check. Now that I know they watch us as we type passwords, I'd like to know how much harder we need to make the passwords so they don't guess them all.

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