Saturday, July 6, 2013

You smell familiar

Overheard at our house:

Blond twin:  "Mom if I tell you the truth, will you be mad?"

Mom: "What's up?"

Blond twin: "Well, after my shower I wanted to put on some perfume so I went into your bathroom. It turns out you don't have any perfume in your bathroom. I thought it was perfume, but I think it was Dad's cologne."

Mom laughs: "And..."

Blond twin: "I put some on and I smell like Dad. I tried to shower, but I still smell like Dad. I mean I want to be like Dad, but I don't want to smell like him."

Mom: "Come here. (sniffs blond twin as she gets closer) Oh yeah, you smell like Dad. There's nothing you can do until it wears off."

Blond twin: "Do you think Dad will notice?"

Mom:  "Honey, he's color blind, but he can smell."

Blond twin: "Do you think he'll be mad?"

Mom:  "No, he likes that cologne. I'm sure he'll like it on you."

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