Saturday, July 20, 2013

The problem with cereal

For whatever reason our girls have decided that they won't eat cereal during the summer. I vaguely remember saying something at the beginning of summer about how I realized they were tired of cereal since they eat it every day before school. They started complaining about eating cereal every morning towards the end of the school year. I might have said something about how they wouldn't eat much cereal during the summer and we'd try to have more toast, English muffins, pancakes, biscuits, etc.

I don't know when we moved from "I'd rather not eat cereal" to "NOOOOOOT CEREAL." We're firmly in the "no cereal in the summer" camp. I'm not happy about it.

Once in a while when I run out of alternate breakfast foods I throw out cereal as an option. You'd think I was telling the girls I was going to make them eat dirt. Really, the reaction is just over the top. It is a "you said we didn't have to eat cereal" whine that could break glass.

At first I was willing to play along with the "no cereal in the summer" game. I started it so I was willing to go with it for a few weeks, but now it's annoying me. It's time to take control of breakfast again. The girls will eat whatever we have, but they have to stop whining about cereal.

Of course, now that I'm going to return to cereal as a breakfast option I suppose I need to make sure we have some cereal in the house. When I started my annual "eat all the food we have in the house" purge this summer we ate the last of the cereal. I think we're down to one box in the basement that no one likes. It's time to donate that box to a food drive and start all over.

This time if the girls whine about eating cereal I'll make sure they eat something very healthy and tasteless. They will be begging for their favorite cereals at that point.

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Christina said...

You are too nice. My mom had us making our own breakfasts at age 9. We could make anything we wanted but WE had to make it, plan for it, make sure it was in the house etc. So guess what we ate....cereal.