Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer photo fun

When the girls were born I decided to try to write a note on the back of every photo. Something brief with names and locations so they will always know why we took the photo. This comes from cleaning out both of my grandmother's homes and throwing out hundreds and hundreds of photographs. Neither Gram ever marked a picture. We had no idea who some of those people were, although we could make a guess here and there.

While we wouldn't have kept all the photos, I would have liked to have a wedding photo of my great-grandparents and some photos of my grandparents when they were young. We couldn't sort through their photos so everything went into the garbage.

For the most part we've been good about keeping the girls' photo albums updated. When they were little the photos were all about them and their milestones. Now the photos are a bit more about our travels and their activities.

About two months ago I realized we hadn't updated their photo albums in a long time -- and by that I mean two full years. One Saturday about that time I spent four hours going through the images and ordering them online. This might not seem like the best way to spend a Saturday, but since I had twisted my ankle and couldn't walk anyway it was about the only productive thing I could do.

It truly took my four hours to get the images sorted and ordered. I saw how many photos I ordered when I clicked "submit" but what that number meant didn't hit me until the seven pound box arrived on our front porch.

The photos have been sitting on a table in our family room. I did write on the back of some of them. This week I decided I was going to get the photos done. I'm tired of looking at them.

Last night I was writing on the back of the photos when the blond twin asked if she could help. She grabbed a pen and started writing notes. At first her notes were very straightforward, like mine. After a while she started writing and giggling and drawing on the back. She personalized every photo with her own message -- usually to her sister. This caused the brunette twin to want to write on the photos too. They wrote funny things, as well as the basic information.

As they were going to bed they said, "We had so much fun writing on the photos? Can we do it tomorrow?" I said, "Of course. You're such good helper girls you can do them all." They squealed and said, "It will be so much fun. Thanks Mom."

Oh no, thank you girls. You've taken a task I dreaded and turned it into a fun summer project. By the end of the week the photos will be captioned and in their photo albums. And the best part is they think it's fun.

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