Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Oreo is helping us with our dog search

As we review the different dog rescue organizations, we find that there are a few we go back to over and over again. Each one requires an application with reference checks and home inspections. While we're not ready to bring a new dog into our home yet, I decided to get the application process started with one group.

I completed the application with all the required information, including a lengthy description of our time with Oreo. Rescue groups are understandably interested in your pet history. I filled in all the boxes truthfully, including an explanation of how we exercised Oreo since we don't have a fenced in yard. This worried me a bit since most of the rescue groups stress the importance of a fenced in yard to exercise your dog.

When we adopted Oreo from the shelter the manager said a fence was irrelevant. Even a six foot fence won't hold in a Siberian Husky if the dog wants to get out. They have been known to jump a high fence or dig under a fence. He said we would need a tie-up even if we had a fence. He also said the most important thing was to make sure Oreo walked a lot.

I have to say that we learned quickly that a tired Oreo was a happy Oreo. He was always happy to go on a walk and always happy to come home. The more we walked him the better his behavior. We always thought that he was so well-behaved because we had him on such a consistent walk schedule. We never worried about a fence while we had Oreo. After reading the rescue group websites, it seemed like not having a fence might be a big problem.

The rescue organization called a couple of hours after receiving our application. The representative immediately invited us to come visit the dogs. I was surprised to hear from them so quickly as the website says it could take up several weeks to complete the application approval process. She said, "You had a Siberian Husky and managed to keep him from running away. You will be fine with any of our dogs."

I was happy and sad at the same time. One the one hand our experience with Oreo gave this group confidence in our ability to handle another dog. On the other hand, talking to the representative makes me miss Oreo so much. I'm happy we're moving towards another dog and comforted by the thought that our time with him is helping us adopt another dog. He might not be here in body, but his spirit is strong in our lives.

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