Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day two apart

Last night was rough for the blond twin. When I was done working I took her on a bike ride to her friend's house. Amira joined us on a bike ride to a park. After the girls played there for a while, we headed to another park. I turned the wrong way so we ended up at a park, but not the park in their plans. They still had fun before we rode home.

Once we were home the blond twin really started missing her twin. She wanted to call her to tell her Sissy how much she missed her. I explained that her sister was out having fun and the blond twin would not call her Sissy to make her feel guilty about going camping. The blond twin was not happy with me.

After a pizza dinner the blond twin started really worrying about bedtime. She kept saying, "I can't sleep without her. I can't go to bed without my twin." She looked so sad. We distracted her with a puzzle. She and Daddy have been working on this puzzle for about a month now. Well, actually the blond twin and Daddy started the puzzle about a month ago. Since then Daddy has been putting it together here and there. It's a really hard 1,000 piece puzzle. At this point all that's left are a lot of dark brown, black or grey pieces with lots of shading. They all look alike so it's hard to find the piece you are looking for. I spent about one-half hour searching for one piece. The blond twin reached across the puzzle and said, "I think this is the one you're looking for Mom." She plopped the piece in the open slot. I looked at Daddy and said, "Did she really just find the piece?" He laughed. She's really good at puzzles, as is her Daddy.

We talked to the brunette twin before bed, but the connection was not very good. The brunette twin called several times before she was able to talk to each of us. She sounded like she was having so much fun. She just bubbled with news and couldn't wait for the next day.

The blond twin slept in her sister's bed with a whole bunch of stuffed animals. She actually slept later than we expected. After a full morning running errands with Daddy, her friend Claudia came to spend the night. The blond twin is so relieved to have a friend over. Claudia is very close to both our girls. I call her our triplet. The blond twin is back in her element with a built-in playmate. Claudia isn't her twin, but she's close.

The brunette twin called to let us know she was having so much fun. They went swimming, had ice cream, played with some other kids and got lost on a hike. She was just brimming with news. The blond twin teased her by saying, "Daddy and I went to Target and I bought you something." At the end of our conversation the brunette twin said, "You know you can call me if you want." She sits somewhere between having a great time and missing us. Mostly I think she's having a great time, but thinks she should miss us more. It's so fun to hear her excitement as she talks about her adventures with Juliana. She bubbles from topic to topic to topic. Juliana has two younger siblings, so the brunette twin is also experiencing what it would be like to have two younger children in the house. She likes it, but I'm not sure she'd like it full-time.

I'm still surprised the brunette twin went camping and that she's having so much fun. She's our cautious child. She could hardly stand to spend the night at Girl Scout camp last month as she was so nervous -- and she had both Juliana and the blond twin with her. She had to go over the plan a dozen times before she felt comfortable packing her stuff. She is not the child I thought would make the first break and spend a weekend away with friends. Yet she jumped at the chance to go camping for two nights in a strange place without her twin. I'm happy for her. I think it's a great development for her, but it still surprises me.

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