Friday, July 26, 2013

Day one apart

The girls were invited to go camping with a school friend. At first they both wanted to go, but then the blond twin changed her mind. She wasn't sure she wanted to be away for two days.

The brunette twin was nervous about the trip, but decided she was going to go anyway. The promise of swimming and fishing and camp fires was too much for her to resist. Her friend has a permanent trailer at a campground so it's not like they will be roughing it in a tent.

As the brunette twin packed today she asked a lot of questions. Could she call home if she wanted to talk to us? Who would take care of her if she hurt herself? What if she wanted to come home? We talked through all her concerns. Daddy had a great idea. He suggested she take her iPod so she could text her twin if she wanted to talk to her. Yes, the campground has wi-fi. Doesn't every place now?

We dropped the brunette twin at her friend's house with a big duffel bag. Of course the weather is now cooler than normal so she packed cool and warm weather clothes. In a separate bag she had Koala and some other comfort items. The brunette twin was giddy about the trip.

When we got back into the car, the blond twin had tears in her eyes. She said, "I miss my Sissy. What am I supposed to do without her?" A few minutes later she said, "She didn't even hug me good-bye." She was so lost without her twin.

A few hours has passed and so far the brunette twin called just once to let us know they were on the road to the campground. She sounded so excited. The blond twin hasn't quite figured out what to do with herself until I'm available to be her playmate. She watched videos about training a horse and a new movie we recorded recently. Now she's reading a book and asking when I'll be done working.

Tomorrow the blond twin has a friend coming over to spend the night. It will even out the weekend for them since they will both be with a friend. The blond twin's challenge will be getting through the night without her twin. The brunette twin is surrounded by her friend's family, including two toddlers who adore both our girls. She'll be busy and tired tonight with all the excitement of exploring the campground. The blond twin will be in their bedroom by herself, always reminded that her Sissy is not with her.

It's the first time they've been apart overnight. It will be a good experience for both of them, even if they both struggle a bit to find their own way.

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