Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daddy thinks it's cute

The girls are at a point where they have to try on their clothes. It's just not possible for me to bring home clothes and expect them to fit. Now we have them pick out clothes and head to the fitting room for the fashion show. They are giddy as they try on clothes.

It's like my nightmare has come to life. I don't like to shop. There isn't a store around that can stay in business based upon my shopping habits. I'm one of those people who wears out a pair of black shoes and buys another pair of black shoes. I don't go in to browse the shoe department for enjoyment. I go in with a purpose.

The girls are recreational shoppers. They want nothing more than to spend all day at the mall trying on clothes and shoes and accessories. They run from store to store to store just to look. They don't even care if they buy anything.

We were at the mall recently buying some back-to-school clothes. After three or four stores I thought my head would explode -- the lights, the noise, the crowds. I just wanted to get out of the stores.

The blond twin was getting annoyed that we wouldn't let her buy every dress she tried on. The main problem was they all looked adorable on her. We wanted her to narrow down her choices to one dress. She wanted them all. It's a common problem with the blond twin. We rarely find something that doesn't fit her in her size. Everything looks cute on her as she's a tall, thin mannequin.

When I thought I couldn't dislike shopping anymore Daddy came upon the perfect way to get us out of the store. He looked at the blond twin and said, "I really like that one. You should get it."

Daddy is a very smart man. He knows the blond twin won't fight with him about the dress because he likes it. He knows she'll go with his opinion because she's wants to please Daddy. It upsets her if she thinks he's mad at her.  She prides herself as Daddy's girl.

As soon as he said he liked one of the dresses she stopped trying on clothes. It's not as if she hadn't already tried on a lot of clothing. She was just trying on other dresses to keep herself busy. She had plenty of options when Daddy voiced his opinion.

From now on I think Daddy needs to come with us when we shop. He could really keep the whole process moving just by giving his opinion on different outfits. Unfortunately, it only works on the blond twin. The brunette twin isn't quite as willing to bend to his opinion yet. She's not above using Daddy to get out of the store, though. In fact, when she was tired of watching her sister try on clothes, she said, "Daddy really likes that shirt. Right Dad?" Daddy quickly agreed. The blond twin smiled and changed into her own clothes.

It's a new twist for the brunette twin. She likes to shop, but when she's done, she's done -- even if her sister is not. I was proud of her for figuring out how to get what she wanted without starting a fight with her twin. I was also amused that she knew how to manipulate her sister in such a subtle manner. Mostly I was impressed that she was able to adapt one of our parenting techniques to get us all out of the store. It might be time to let her evaluate her sister's new clothing fashion show. I bet she'd get us out of the store a lot quicker than we would on our own.

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I'm so glad I have a boy!