Sunday, July 28, 2013

Back together with tears for one

While we waited for the brunette twin to come home, we stopped by a pet adoption event. There were several rescue organizations we've been watching all in one place this afternoon.

We put in an application to adopt one of the dogs at the adoption event. We were able to meet her, walk her and spend some time chatting with her foster family. While at the event we also met a couple of other dogs we liked a lot.

As we left we told the rescue group we'd be in touch. There are a couple of things on the calendar soon so we don't want to adopt a dog if we won't be home. It's not fair to the dog to bring it home and then place it in a kennel for a few days. We realize the dogs we met today might not be there, and we're okay with that possibility. There are several dogs we like on this group's website. I'm certain several would make good pets for our family.

When we left the blond twin started crying. She really, really wanted to bring a dog home. She cried so hard she started hyperventilating. She said, "My heart is breaking."

I felt her pain through and through. If we had thought about it we wouldn't have brought the blond twin. We thought it would distract her while we waited for her twin. Instead we built up her hopes for a new pet and then dashed them. She understood why we didn't get a dog, but she still had a broken heart.

When the brunette twin came home the blond twin ran into her arms and cried. The brunette twin just wanted to talk about her fun weekend. The blond twin just cried about the dogs that didn't come home with us. They held a strange conversation asking each other questions and understanding the answers before asking more questions. One was giddy happy while the other was teary and inconsolable. They continued to talk about their own topics in parallel. It was pretty impressive to see and hear.

A little while later we took them to see Monsters University. As the girls walked they held hands and whispered twin secrets. In the car on the ride home they put their heads on each other's shoulders and talked and talked and talked.

They were back together and ready to face the world. The blond twin gave her sister her present, which was received with hugs and squeal. The brunette twin brought her twin a gift, but I don't think the blond twin even realized it was for her. The best gift for the blond twin was her sister coming home. They went to bed tonight mad at each other for some infraction that wouldn't matter if they weren't so overtired, but they still slept together. Even when they are mad at each other, they find great comfort in being together. It's a closeness we hope they will keep forever and ever.

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