Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's that place called?

We try to write notes on the back of photos before we put them in the girls' albums. Tonight is game four of the Stanley Cup finals. The Blackhawks are down 2 games to 1 against the Boston Bruins. Right now things aren't looking good that the Blackhawks will win game 4.

My nerves are shot watching this game. I'm just distracted and edgy. I'm really not focused on anything other than the game. So, what did I decide to do tonight? I decided it was a good time to write dates/locations on the back of some new photos.

What was I thinking?

Most of the photos were from the Missouri Botanical Garden's Chinese Lantern Festival. It was a beautiful event we attended last August with Aunt Mary. The problem is I was only partially focused on the photos.

On the back of the photos the Missouri Botanical Garden is called

Mizzou Botanic Garden
Mizzou Botanical Gardens
Missouri Botanical Garden
Missouri Botanical Gardens
Missouri Botanic Garden
Missouri Botanic Gardens
MO Botanical Gardens

Really, if you just started reading the back of the photos you'd wonder if I knew where we were for the Chinese Lantern Festival. Of course, given that my handwriting is so bad on most days that it requires a decoder, it's possible that the girls won't ever be able to read my scribble. If they ask I'll say, "Of course it says Missouri Botanical Garden. Can't you read it?"

We'll leave out the part about how Mommy was watching hockey and has no idea what she was writing. I think I'll work out my nerves by doing some yoga during games from now on.

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Anonymous said...

With the dwindling focus on cursive in schools today, there's actually a prediction that kids today won't be able to read cursive in the future.

I have my son write in cursive in a journal over the summer to help him maintain some legibility. I've also told him if he want's to read our travel journals or my other journals (one which is letters to him since he was born)... he'd better learn cursive because they are ALL written in cursive.

I've got to get better about tagging photos (we don't print many... so have to work on tagging the digital copies).