Monday, June 24, 2013

Stanley Cup trash talk Fourth Grade style

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in the last two minutes of game six. It's still hard to believe we won since we spent most of the game looking like the team was off its game. This time my brother Steve and I brought our families to watch the game with Mom. We ate dinner. We talked to the television. We watched the game like we were sitting on the bench. Dad would have been proud. Immediately after the Chicago Blackhawks won Mom said, "Somewhere Dad is jumping up and down." I said, "And swearing about how happy he is."

When the team won the Stanley Cup three years ago our girls kept asking why people were honking and cheering. I had to explain public celebrations. They thought it was fun and strange. This time they were ready. As soon as the team won the girls said, "Can we yell out the windows when we drive home?"

I said, "Of course."

So, they started plotting. Their friend Juliana was with us so three little heads giggled and whispered and created a plan.

As we drove home the girls chanted things like "Hawks Win" and "Yeah" as we passed different people. I honked the horn over and over again while the girls laughed.

Once in a while they'd throw out something they thought was so clever. At one point the brunette twin yelled, "You need to turn on the radio if you don't know why we're cheering." Juliana yelled, "If you aren't cheering you aren't a fan." The blond twin added, "You needed updated information so you'll cheer too."

Seriously. I just laughed and laughed. They thought they were so clever, and for fourth graders they were. Mostly they just had fun as we drove home and honked. Juliana said, "My parents would never let me yell out the windows." I told her they might let her after a Stanley Cup victory. We drove by a man who had a sign in front of his home saying Honk if You're a Hawks Fan. I honked. The girls screamed. He cheered. It was all good fun. It's exactly the way we should celebrate a Stanley Cup victory.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not particularly a Hawks or Hockey fan, but when I heard they won... the first person I thought of your Dad. It made me smile, and I though he really lives on through you and your girls when you share your memories of him.