Saturday, June 8, 2013

Am I a baby?

The girls are increasingly straddling the space between little girls and tweens. They are close to crossing, but they are not quite there yet. I was reminded of this when they were getting ready for an overnight trip with their Girl Scout troop.

The brunette twin came in with tears in her eyes and said, "Am I a baby because I can't go to sleep without koala?" I wanted to tell her that no one sleeps at Girl Scout overnight trip so it didn't matter if she took koala or not, but I didn't. I knew the answer was important to her. What she wanted me to say was that koala was her first friend and she wasn't a baby because she wanted to take koala on the trip with her.

I said, "You are not a baby. Lots of people have a special blanket or critter they sleep with. Some people sleep with the television or radio on. It's not a baby thing to want to take koala." She wasn't quite convinced, but she accepted my answer.

In the end she took a different critter. We decided koala was too special to go along. If one of the girls spilled something on koala we couldn't clean her. If one of the girls spilled something on the other critter, the brunette twin would through it away without tears.

Sometimes she so mature beyond her years and sometimes she's still my little girl. Either way she still needs her koala.


Anna Dron said...

Tell her Miss Anna will be taking her stuffed lion to Europe with her. All my college girlfriends still bring their animals along to sleepovers; we never outgrow our first friends!

Anonymous said...

My Papa Bear is still at my mom and dad's house... Whenever I'm home he's snuggled up right next to me! xoxo Jen