Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Two hours and lots of tears later

Oreo and I spent more than two hours at a new veterinarian's office yesterday afternoon trying to figure out what is wrong. The vet asked a lot of questions. She grilled me about Oreo's habits and recent activities. She ran blood work, urine tests and took x-rays. She went through more possibilities after each test was completed.

Nothing came up which would explain Oreo's current health problems. The doctor said she was a military vet and has been in private practice for 25+ years. She had never seen a case like his. This made me feel both better and worse. I am glad she was so thorough, but uneasy that none of his symptoms made any sense. I figured that something would start to make sense given the number of tests and questions.

The vet gave us some antibiotics on a hunch that there was one more possibility. We need to give him the medicine for a full week, but if Oreo's behavior hasn't changed in a couple of days we should make an appointment with a specialist.

This is where it gets hard. We could run dozens of tests without finding what happened. I think the answer is we will run tests on anything that can be resolved with medication. If it's just for information, I'm not sure we're going to go down that path. Of course, we're not there yet so it's all just speculation.

I came home with all his tests and x-rays. I showed the girls Oreo's x-rays and we talked about how great his insides looked. In fact, all of his tests were perfect. The girls kept asking what was wrong with Oreo. We talked about how we were still trying to figure out the problem. We didn't give them any false hope. The blond twin cried and said, "I want my old dog back. The one who smiles at me and plays with me." The brunette twin said, "I don't want Oreo to die." We all cried a bit at that.

The blond twin made us smile when she said, "If only he'd get better. We'd play with him all the time. We'd never ignore him like we did before."

It's a life lesson for all of us. We need to "play" with those important to us as often as possible. You never know when it will be too late to do just that.

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