Friday, May 17, 2013

The new dog looks a lot like the old dog

The new vet gave Oreo some antibiotics which seem to have helped him quite a bit. He's not using the house as a bathroom and he's more alert.

He's not really our dog anymore, though.

He looks like our dog. The girls celebrate every time they think Oreo is doing something "normal." They say, "Look, it's our Oreo again. He's back." There are moments when we see flashes of our dog, but there's a blank look in his eyes to remind us he's not the same dog.

We all have a new reality. Oreo is still with us, but he's a very different dog. Whatever happened, be it a stroke or seizure, there are permanent changes to his personality. Oreo is distant and slow. Last week Oreo would have run after birds in the yard and hunted small rodents. This week he spends his days stretched out on the patio. Nothing seems to grab his attention.

He's not interested in what's going on around him. Rather than pace the yard and mark his territory, Oreo seems disinterested in the world around him. If something does catch his attention it's short lived.

We're glad he's still with us, but still mourning the loss of our dog. We liked his out-of-control personality. He was always animated and interactive. He basked in the attention from his family and friends.

Our new Oreo is quiet and subdued. He's mellow and distant. He's a new dog in our old dog's body. It will take some time to get to know him again, but I'm sure we'll all find our new comfort zone.

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