Tuesday, May 28, 2013

People to tell and more tears

One of the things about Oreo was that he was well-known in the area. We walked him to and from school every day. We walked him all over the area on off days. People expect to see him with us.

This morning when we were getting ready to go to school, the blond twin started crying. She said, "Please can we drive to school. I don't want to be seen without my Siberian Husky."

I immediately understood. Every day when we walked to school kids tried to pet Oreo. Kids on the bus waved to us. Everyone would notice if he wasn't with us. If we drove, then we'd all be missing. If you didn't see us then people wouldn't expect to see Oreo.

All day long we told people. We told the crossing guard and parents we talked to every day on the school corner. I told the neighbors. I called the veterinarian's office. I cancelled the kennel we reserved for our vacation.

When I walked up to get the girls from school a neighbor asked me, "Hey, where's your dog?" I told him that Oreo had died. His eyes teared as he told me what a beautiful, special dog he was.

Our girls have a Girl Scout outing scheduled so I told their troop leader. She cried and kept saying, "I'm so sorry."

It was all awful, but also comforting. We always thought he was a sweet, crazy dog. Of course, we lived with him and loved his quirks. It was nice to know that other people adored him too.

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