Thursday, May 30, 2013

Oreo comes with us

We were in the backyard when the brunette twin said, "If we wanted we could dig up Oreo, right?"

I replied, "We could, why?"

Brunette twin: "Would he still look like my dog or would he just be bones?"

Mom: "He'd look like your dog honey. He only died on Monday."

Brunette twin: "So if we dig up Oreo a few years from now he'd just be bones in the flower sheet right?"

Mom: "Probably. What's in your head baby?"

Brunette twin: "If we move we'd have to dig up my dog and take him with. He's part of our family forever even though he's dead. He comes with if we move."

Mom: "We're not planning to move so we'll talk about it if we ever move."

Brunette twin: "Ok, but Oreo comes with us."

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