Sunday, May 19, 2013

Maybe Gramma can be a jockey

A conversation on the way to school...

Brunette twin: "It's not fair that I'm so tall. I wanted to be a jockey."

Blond twin: "Maybe you can be a horse owner instead. You can hire a jockey."

Brunette twin: "How would I find a jockey?"

Blond twin: "What about Gramma? She's short enough to be a jockey?"

Brunette twin: "I don't know. We'd have to really make the stirrups short and shorten the reigns a lot. She's really short. Is Gramma too short to be a jockey?"

Blond twin: "I think she'd short enough to be a jockey. I don't think you can be much taller than Gramma and still be a jockey."

This went on for several blocks. All I kept thinking was that the girls were missing one important point. Gramma cannot ride a horse. Even if she wanted to be a jockey, she's probably a bit older than the preferred age for a winning jockey.

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