Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Let's play kick the ladder

The brunette twin has an unpleasant new game she plays at night. I like to call it Kick the Ladder.

The game goes like this. At some point every other night or so she rolls over and kicks her bunk bed ladder. The ladder briefly lifts off the floor and then crashes back down. It's only an inch or two off the ground, but it certainly makes a lot of noise on the way down.

It took me a few weeks to figure out what was causing the thump as I was completely asleep before hearing the thump. My immediate reaction is to sit straight up in bed and try to figure out the sound.

At first I'd walk the house checking all the doors and windows to see if someone was trying to break in. I always thought the sound was close, but couldn't figure out the source. For a while I thought a raccoon was trying to get into the house. It has happened before. When we first moved into our house a raccoon tried to remove the siding on our second floor and get into our house. Actually, the raccoon would have ended up in our bedroom. We spent quite a few sleepless nights listening for the raccoon to come back, even though I'm pretty sure my husband scared the raccoon when he was banging on our walls like a madman. I was pounding under the windows too. It was not a restful night for either of us after that.

I figured out the issue when I went in to tuck in the girls one night on my way to sleep. The brunette twin rolled over, kicked the ladder and made me jump. The good news was that the sound had a source, even if it wasn't a source we could control.

The brunette twin still plays Kick the Ladder. Whenever I hear the sound now I check her bed first. If her foot is within a few inches of the ladder, I don't wander the house checking every door and window multiple times. I simply move her foot and head back to sleep.

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