Monday, May 27, 2013

A terrible sound and lots of tears

I had Oreo out for his normal after-dinner walk when he just stopped and sat straight up. He didn't try to lie down. He just sat. He wouldn't budge. I knelt on the street to pet him and see if I could figure out what was wrong. He wagged his tail and seemed fine. As I stood up, he turned around and headed home.

He did this often when it was really hot. He also had done this when he was really sick a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes he just didn't want to go for a walk. He just wanted to go home.

When we got home he drank some water and sat on the patio. He seemed  really exhausted so I asked my husband how Oreo was during earlier walks. He said the dog was pretty normal. His last walk wasn't that long before his after-dinner walk since we were a bit off schedule, so we decided Oreo was just done walking for the day.

A little while later my husband said, "Oreo is a bit off." We decided to watch him closely for the next few days and decide if we had to take him back to the vet.

I was in the house getting something to put on the grill when I heard the most blood-curdling, horrible sound. I ran outside and saw my husband staring at Oreo. The dog had changed positions. Now he was close to our chairs, with his legs pointed in one direction and his head facing another direction. The sound he was making was awful. I'm not sure I can describe how terrible it was.

A minute or so into his bellowing the girls screamed out the window to see what was wrong. As Daddy was talking to them, I saw Oreo's eyes turned red. Immediately after he stopped breathing.

Oreo died on our patio. Our sweet, beautiful, loving, hyper-active, gentle boy was gone. Just like that. No warning. No second chances this time. Oreo was dead.

We stared at each other and him for a few minutes. We kept watching to see if he would start breathing again. When it was clear the he wasn't going to start breathing, we started talking. We had to tell the girls. We had to call the vet. We had to ...... And then tears ran down my face.

I called the vet, but there wasn't an emergency option. I didn't want to talk to a stranger at the local emergency vet clinic. I called my brother Steve to ask him some questions. As I was talking to Steve I just fell to my knees and started sobbing. It was suddenly real as I told him.

While I was on the phone, Daddy brought the girls downstairs. When I walked back to the patio, they were crying and petting Oreo. We all sat with a box of tissues. It was terrible.

When I had him at the veterinarian's office last Tuesday she said she thought he had a seizure. She said it would probably happen again. At some point she said a seizure would probably kill him. She also said dogs live a long time with seizures.

He seemed to be doing so much better since he was taking the medicine. He was slower than before, but he was our boy. Every once in a while I'd pet his head and say, "Welcome back boy. I missed you."

Now we can't pet his head. We can't watch his tail wag. We can't tell him that's he's a good boy. It's all over. Rest in peace Oreo. You were a very good dog. We will miss you terribly.


dcr said...

sorry shari!

Anonymous said...

Oh Shari - I'm so sorry to hear that Oreo's gone. What a shock... I'm so sad for all of you. Hugs.