Monday, April 22, 2013

We are fancy girls

The girls are increasingly aware that Mommy and Daddy go to a lot of events and dinners without them. They are also increasingly aware that these are the kinds of fun, fancy activities where children aren't really encouraged to attend.

I don't think it really bothers them that we are going to dinner at a restaurant where they won't like the food. It does bother them that we get dressed up and go out without them. They feel like they should be included because they are big girls now. When we leave them at home, even with a babysitter they adore, they feel like little girls.

As if to prove they can be fancy, the blond twin wore a fancy black dress with black patent shows when we went out for pizza recently. I suggested she was a bit too fancy for pizza. She replied, "You and Daddy get fancy for dinner. I can too."

Now the girls try to be fancy every time we go out. The blond twin insisted on wearing a dress to the Chicago Wolves game last Saturday. It was cute and not fancy, so I let it go. They are on a mission to prove that they should be included in our fancy activities.

We are going to add them to some of our fancy things just because they are old enough to join us once in a while. We're going out for our 15th anniversary this week. The girls are coming to dinner with us at a local restaurant which is a bit fancier than where we usually take them. They are already planning their fancy dresses and sparkly hair accessories.

We won't include them in everything because the message we want to send is that Mommy and Daddy have a life that doesn't revolve around them. We want them to know that they are important, but we still go on dates because it's important for us to spend time alone. It's probably not a message they completely understand yet, but we hope that it's a message which will resonate as they get older.

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