Sunday, April 14, 2013

Resetting family time

After four months running our local school district's referendum campaign, I can finally come up for air. We lost the vote, but we can walk away knowing we did everything we could. One of our volunteers is gong on vacation next week. She said, "It's time to reset our family so we get our priorities back on track."

Our families sacrificed a lot during the campaign. The core group was always on the phone or computer, planning for a meeting or at a meeting, or running to get this or that. We spent a lot of time promising our spouses and children it would be better after the election.

Now that the election is over it's time to reset.

I was offered to two tickets to see a dance performance called FlySpace. This is taking place on the Pritzker Pavilion main stage. During the colder weather there is a glass wall that creates an intimate performance space. I talked to Daddy and we came up with a plan to each take one girl out on a date.

I'm taking the blond twin, who is thrilled to be able to wear a fancy dress. We'll go to dinner and then go to see the show. I know she's not really old enough to appreciate a long dance performance, so we've been talking a lot about how cool it will be to sit on the Pritzker Pavilion stage to see the show.

Daddy and the brunette twin are going miniature golfing. I think there might be an ice cream stop before or after dinner. She's thrilled to have some Daddy time since the blond twin claims him as her own most of the time.

It's good to have an opportunity to reset family time after the chaotic campaign. We've talked for a while about doing parent/daughter dates. Now's the time to set that plan into motion more often.

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