Thursday, April 4, 2013

My big blue kitty

You know the movie Monsters Inc? Mike Sullivan (aka Sully) is a big blue and purple monster who takes in the human child when she enters the monster world. (Ok, the movie has been out for years. I'm sorry if you didn't know that.)

Boo as the little girl is nicknamed in the movie calls Sully "Kitty." It's her name for him throughout the movie.

We were at the movie theater after Monsters Inc was re-released a few months ago when the blond twin looked at her Daddy and said, "Kitty." She was loud and strong when she said it. At first we didn't react, which annoyed her. She said it again and started stroking her Daddy's arm. I didn't understand why she said, "Kitty" and hugged her Daddy. Then I realized he was wearing his big, blue winter coat.

Granted, he's not as furry as Sully and he doesn't have purple spots. He is really tall with a bright blue coat about the same shade as Sully's fur. Since that movie the blond twin has called her Daddy "Kitty." Often she does it as she's launching herself into his arms -- sometimes without warning.It's really cute when she calls him "Kitty." She gets so excited when he answers her.

He's a good sport about it. He responds when the blond twin calls him Kitty and doesn't even stop her when she does it in public. He would prefer that she didn't stroke his arm like he's really a cat, but she seems to think that's part of the game. In fact, he's such a good sport that he agreed that I should write about it. I wasn't sure he'd want the world to know his daughter calls him Kitty, but he didn't hesitate when I asked about writing a post. It's just one more reason he's such a great Dad.

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