Friday, April 19, 2013

A good scout is always prepared

So, we're on the school bus heading towards the Adler Planetarium for the third grade field trip. I'm chaperoning the blond twin's class. She's happily sandwiched on a seat with her two best friends -- Paula and Amira.

The girls are laughing and singing and playing with their cameras. We're bumping down the expressway when Paula says, "I don't feel good."

Her mom, sitting across the aisle, says, "What's wrong?"

Paula says, "I think I'm going to throw up."

The chaperones all start talking to Paula to try to distract her when her mom says, "I don't have a bag or anything."

In my one shining moment, I reach into my coat pocket and pull out a plastic bag. Paula's mom shows her how to use it in case, well, you know.

The other moms start laughing that I actually had a plastic bag in my coat pocket. What they don't realize is we all have plastic bags in all our pockets. It's the mark of a dog owner, isn't it?

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