Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The chaperon wars

The girls have a field trip coming up in April. Today they returned their permission slips and my form requesting to be a chaperon. On the way home we talked about how I was going to chaperon the blond twin's class this time because I've been so involved with the brunette twin's class.

The brunette twin replied, "But we don't have any chaperone's yet. Maybe no one will chaperon our class if you don't come."

I explained that it was time for someone else to step up since I filled in as room parent for their Winter party and Valentine's Day ice cream social. Then I said, "If you don't have any chaperone's closer to the trip, maybe we'll ask Daddy if he can go." I immediately regretted those words. 

Blond twin: "Wait, I want Daddy to chaperon my field trip."

Brunette twin: "That's not fair. Mommy has done everything in my class this year. I get Daddy."

Blond twin: "She has done everything in your class so she knows all the kids. She should go with your class. I want Daddy to chaperon my class."

Brunette twin: "No. I've had enough of Momma with my class this year. I get Daddy. You get Momma."

Blond twin: "I look like Daddy so he should be my chaperon."

Brunette twin: "You wanted Momma so you get her. I get Daddy."

All the time these two were arguing about who was stuck with Mommy, I walked between them. I was actually holding the blond twin's hand as she fought to have her Daddy chaperon her class.

Finally I said, "Hello. You know I'm walking between you two? I'm right here and I hear everything you're saying."

The blond twin said, "Oh, Momma. I do want you to be my chaperon. It's okay. We really do want you."

The brunette twin gloated, "Ok. If no one else chaperons my field trip I get Daddy."

Then she did a little victory dance.

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