Saturday, March 23, 2013

Please no more crock pot food

I'm running a referendum campaign to build a new junior high school in our community. In addition to my full-time job, it's a full-time volunteer job. This has caused many scheduling problems around our house, especially with food.

I've taken to throwing stuff in the crock pot in the morning and letting it stew all day. It could be soup or stew or something else I can throw together with enough vegetables to sound healthy. I'm sure it's healthier than any fast food option even if it sometimes tastes a bit bland because I forgot to throw in this spice or that onion.

Last week the brunette twin asked about dinner. When I told her what we were having she said, "Oh please, no more crock pot food." For her the crock pot is a symbol that I'm too busy to make dinner. She complained that she's tired of food that comes out of the crock pot.

Of course it's a bit more complicated than just being tired of crock pot dinners. She often doesn't like one ingredient I've thrown into the crock pot so when she sees it, she assumes she's not going to like her dinner. Most of the time she's right, but that's because she really, really wants to be a picky eater.

Note that I said she wants to be a picky eater. In our house she eats what we put in front of her. It might take a while and it might make for a miserable dinner, but she simply must eat her dinner. We eat crazy, exotic things like green beans and corn and carrots and celery. You know, all the exotic stuff.

I put the crock pot away for a while even though the referendum isn't until April 9. It does mean I have to think about dinner a little more, but it also makes the brunette twin pretty happy not to see the crock pot. It's a trade off we'll live with until next fall when chicken noodle soup simmering all day sounds like the perfect dinner.

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