Monday, March 11, 2013

May I have normal milk?

We were trying Almond milk with our cereal when the brunette twin looked at me and sighed. She has been a good sport about all our milk alternatives, especially since she's the picky eater in our family. She's the girl who looks at dinner and doesn't want to eat it because the noodles "don't look right."

She said, "Mom, can I just have some normal milk? I know Sissy can't drink it, but I can. I just really want some normal milk."

I hugged her and told her we'd get some normal milk the next time we went to the store. We were so engrossed in our quest to find something the blond twin could drink that we forgot that the brunette twin can drink  regular milk. Only one of them has a milk allergy and while that will impact what we eat as a family, a glass of regular milk was a simple request.

Of course, it took me three more days to actually get to the store to buy the "normal" milk. Hey, I said she could drink regular milk. I didn't say I'd be quick about getting it in to the house.

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