Monday, February 25, 2013

The pet food police

You know how everyone talks about how competitive parents are? Everyone is comparing how perfect their children are as they eat their organic meals and star in the school play? Every child is a star athlete and scholar? Those parents have nothing on the pet food representatives at any chain pet store.

I was in Petco buying Oreo's dog food. The all-natural pet food representative cornered me to explain how I was killing my dog by allowing him to eat the pet food in my cart. She went on and on about the dangers in his dog food. Within a few minutes a store employee joined the conversation. Between the two of them they made me want to go home and apologize to Oreo for not feeding him an all-natural, organic, homemade, nutritionally-balanced meal twice a day.

I thanked them for the information and pushed my cart away as quickly as possible.

When we adopted Oreo from the animal shelter we tried a lot of different dog foods. We spent a lot of time cleaning floors and carpets. Nothing sat well in his stomach until we found his current brand. Once we realized he could tolerate this brand we never strayed. I mean never, ever, ever strayed.

We don't give him table scraps or rawhide chews. He get a bone once in a while, but only a specific type of beef bone from Petco. We found out the hard way that messing with his diet creates messes for us to clean up.

If this makes us bad pet parents, then so be it. Unless the organic dog food representatives are going to get on their hands and knees to clean up Oreo's mess after he eats their food, we'll stick with what we feed him now. I won't let anyone assign Mommy guilt to me. There's no way I'll allow anyone to assign pet owners guilt.


Anonymous said...

Oh please... we also hear about how bad pet parents we are that we don't take our dogs on walks (note: we have a fenced in yard), we don't take them to dog parks or let them swim in a lake or whatever. When someone rags on me that I don't feed them right or entertain them enough or whatever I'm doing wrong with the dogs... I say (with a smile) "Hey... they are all shelter dogs... the bar is really LOW."

They are happy with belly rubs, scratching behind the ears, to be fed (anything)on a regular schedule, happy to have regular vet care and to be loved everyday. They are happy to have a forever home even with less than perfect pet parents who love them.

Alejandro Newman said...

How amusing! My dog's name is Oreo too! That's so cool! I have encountered a lot of pet owners and store employees who try to sell me other brands of dog food. Sometimes I consider their recommendations, but the thing is, my dog likes the one he's been eating for three years already. His dog food is especially made for his breed so I guess that is why he loves it so much.

Alejandro Newman