Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow dog in motion

We received a few inches of snow last night so we were outside shoveling early this morning. We moved Oreo's tie-up to the front yard so he could be near us while we shovelled. He played in the snow and bounced around like a puppy.

His best moment happened as the girls were getting ready to leave for school. The girls were outside with the door open. I was putting Oreo's leash on so Daddy could take him on the walk to school. The girls were giddy and giggly and talking to Oreo with the door open. He took advantage of the open door and ran out.

Immediately the panic started. The girls started running around screaming for Oreo to come back. Daddy grabbed a treat and went outside. I put on my shoes, grabbed a coat and ran outside.

We know better than to chase Oreo. We're not going to catch him. We all stood our ground and called to him. Oreo ran the length of our block at full speed. He went from one end to the other in full gallop.

It was beautiful to watch. He just flies up and down and back and forth. He was so happy to be running.

The girls weren't as happy. The blond twin begged him to come home. The brunette twin cried as she called her dog. He ran close to them, but not close enough that they could catch him. Given his speed, he'd have to stop in front of them for them to grab him.

I just watched him. As long as he was in site, we were fine. He ran for a while and then came to grab the treat from Daddy's hand. He sat nicely while Daddy put the leash on him.

I wish we had a place where we could let him run more often. We've tried tennis courts, but he's not interested in fetching a ball. It's just not enough space for him to really get up to speed.

For now I'll enjoy the moments when he gets out and takes an unplanned long as he keeps coming back.

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