Friday, February 1, 2013

Nine at nine

The girls have been begging us to let them go to bed later. During the school week the blond twin talks about what time her classmates go to bed. She discusses every mention of bedtime in class, Girl Scouts, church, etc. She monitors this like a detective.

The blond twin also discusses this with others as if they will sway our decision. She tried to bring them over to her side. Whenever someone gives her any new ideas she immediately brings them to our attention.

The brunette twin lets her sister do the talking. She'd like to stay up later, but mostly she doesn't want to get in trouble for asking after we've already told the blond twin it wasn't going to happen.

Recently Daddy came up with a plan. The girls would get to stay up until 9:00 p.m. on weekends if they went to bed by 8:00 p.m. during the week. He knows how precise the girls can be so he defined weekdays as Sunday through Thursday and weekends as Friday and Saturday.

They agreed to our plan. They know the rules and take it all very seriously. Whenever one of them thinks she has misbehaved she will ask if this means she has to go to bed early this weekend. It's a big deal that they can earn an extra hour on the weekends and they are taking it seriously.

The only person not happy about this plan is Mommy. Don't get me wrong. I realize the girls are getting older and should be allowed to stay up a bit later. It's just that I'm really tired by the time they go to bed. They might not be ready to go to bed, but I am completely ready for them to be in bed. I want the peace and quiet for downtime before I go to bed. I'd like a little time to watch TV, read the newspaper or whatever else crosses my mind.

In this case, I'm having the growing pains. They don't feel any better now than they did when I was growing up.

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