Friday, February 8, 2013

Daddy on his own

Tonight was the girls' Father/Daughter event. In the past my Dad always went with Daddy to escort the girls to the Father/Daughter dance. It was good because there was one of them to dance with each girl. It was also good because Grampa liked to dance. When Daddy didn't want to, Grampa was happy to dance.

Last year Uncle Dave went to the Father/Daughter event with his goddaughter. This event had a bunch of different games so Uncle Dave and the blond twin took on Daddy and the brunette twin.

This year the PTA held a dance again. The girls decided to go just with Daddy. They decided they were old enough that he could handle both of them by himself.

Of course, Daddy did fine. In third grade it's basically a girls dance party with all the Dad/Grampas/Uncles standing against the walls waiting to be called into service. Our girls found some friends and danced the night away.

The girls were excited to tell me about the conga line, limbo and line dances. During the slow dances they took turns dancing with Daddy. They also managed a group slow dance so they could all be together. At some point the disc jockey played "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" by Elvis. The girls know this was Grampa's favorite song. When I asked them about the dance it was the first song they mentioned. I hear rumors of Daddy doing the chicken dance, but I haven't seen any proof. 

There was a photo booth where each ticket bought you three photos. Daddy took serious and funny photos with each girls. The girls managed to take photos with friends too.

As we put them to bed we talked about how much fun they had. I told the girls they were very lucky to have such a wonderful Daddy and I meant it. They hugged Daddy and agreed. Some day I hope they look back on the photos with big smiles and happy memories.

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