Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Toy tipping point

As the girls were cleaning out their playroom and bedroom last week I realized we might be at a tipping point with the things that keep them busy. We've moved from complicated toys with dozens of pieces that don't cost that much to smaller things that cost more.

In my world this is a good thing. The girls still have more Monster High dolls and Barbie stuff than I ever thought possible. They have games and puzzles and books and CDs. It's not like they don't have anything to keep them busy. They spend hours in their bedroom playing with their dolls. When they are bored they move to the basement playroom and play for hours there.

What they don't have anymore are the developmental toys -- think play kitchens, building blocks and pretend beauty salons. Now we have dolls and iPod Touch devices and books.

It's a development we enjoy. They are busy. We're not tripping over lots of little pieces. As long as we can keep them busy it's all good, even if the new, smaller toys cost as much as a whole Christmas' worth of the large, plastic toys.

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