Monday, January 7, 2013

The most wonderful time of the year

This is my favorite part of the year. We spent a week cleaning and organizing. We went through our kitchen cabinets and all the closets. We sent bags and bags and bags of stuff to a local resale shop benefiting a women's shelter. The girls cleaned out their toys and games. I think they threw away two big garbage bags of stuff.

We went through the girls' dressers to match socks. We threw out clothes with holes or stains. We matched mittens and hats. We went through all the junk in their backpacks.

We pared down to what we use, even though it's more than we really need of course. We put everything on the 2013 calendar.

Oh, I know it won't last long, but boy it feels good right now. By the end of the week we'll be back to the normal chaos. I'll be looking for something in a pile of mail we haven't read yet. The girls will be fighting because they cannot find matching socks. I'm sure mismatched mittens will be on their hands.

For now we're going to enjoy our beginning of the year organization. It feels so good to feel so in control of our surroundings.

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