Saturday, January 12, 2013

Scrabble their minds

We have a Scrabble Flash game. The girls like to play it, so tonight we cleared the dining room table for a "beat the parents" game. They named their team "The Awesome Twins." They named our team "Lame Mom & Dad Stuff."

The best part of Scrabble is learning how their minds work. For the letters STAXE. We came us with a list of words from SET to TAXES.

When we play Scrabble the team not on the clock plays a shadow game to see what the other team missed. They came up with many word we didn't see. When our time was up they said, "You missed SEX." We said, "Huh?" It wasn't that we missed it. We just didn't use it. Clearly they would have.

A few rounds later we were looking at a terrible five letters for them. There just weren't many words. Just before time was up the girls said, "PISS. Is PISS a word?" Oh my, we started laughing. I mean the kind of snorting, tearing laughter that turned faces red.

We followed sex and piss with a big fart. The girls both grabbed for the Scrabble Flash tiles when one of them let out a loud fart. We all laughed, even though neither one of them would admit the deed.

Whoever thought Scrabble was dull hasn't played in our house. It's a full contact sport which I can't wait to play again. For all the trash talk, Mom and Dad were the winners. Lame indeed.

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